I've just had confirmation from TUI that my assessment day was successful and I've got the job! I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I probably would not have got this job if I hadn't done your rep course first. I was totally prepared for the interview and your interview tips and suggestions gave me a massive advantage. You're on my postcard list - CHEERS!!! K. Davidson

K. Davidson

james ellis
To the Holiday Rep Certificate team - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I've just been hired by Thomas Cook to start in the summer and I'm so excited because this has been my dream for 3 years!! Your course was outstanding and I found myself going through it over and over and over again before I had my interviews. Jenny C

Jenny C

Norwich, UK
holiday rep female
Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that I am MEGA impressed with the course so far and I'm not even half-way through! I studied travel at college for 3 years and I've still managed to learn so much that I didn't know about being a rep. Well done for creating such a valuable course :-) Lisa Mayburn

Lisa Mayburn

Stafford, UK
holiday rep female
I spent over a year trying to land a job as a holiday rep with no luck before I enrolled on to your course. All of the modules were very informative, easy to follow and enjoyable and thanks to your help I've been offered a job with a leading tour operator. I can't thank you enough! Anybody looking for a holiday rep job absolutely NEEDS this course! James Ellis

James Ellis

Brighton, UK
james ellis
I'm pleased to tell you that I've just passed my first interview with Thomson! The interviewer was seriously impressed at how much I knew about being a rep when I have absolutely zero experience. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful course! Ben Pearson

Ben Pearson

, UK
james ellis
We are very happy to offer the Holiday Rep Certificate course to our pupils. It is an all round great course that gives a wide range of knowledge, information and skills for would be holiday reps, well done!

Queensbury School

West Yorkshire
I've just been hired by Thomas Cook and I'm still in shock because I can't believe how quickly it all happened! Thank you, thank you to the Holiday Rep Certificate team - I could not have got my dream job without taking this course because of everything I learned about job. I was ready and answered every question they could throw at me in great detail! Laura P

Laura P

Solihull, W.Mids
I enrolled on your holiday rep course through my college because I want to work as a resort rep for a season after I graduate. I really enjoyed studying the whole course and learned so much that I didn't know about the job but the best parts for me were the video lessons because I could really see and feel what it would be like to do the job. Thanks again, your course has been a really big help. Kathy Sammons

Kathy Sammons

Cumbernauld, Glasgow, Kathy Sammons, Scotland
james ellis
I wasn't sure if I really needed to take this course but after going through the interview process thank God I did! There were a lot of people to compete with but your course and everything I learned really helped me to stand out and shine in front of the interviewers. I applied to Total and Thomson and have just been told that I was successful with both companies! Now I have the difficult decision to decide who I want to work for!! I could never have achieved this without your holiday rep course and the knowledge, training and tips it gave me. I recommended your course to at least 3 people at the interview too! Becky Haywood

Becky Haywood

Derby, UK
My name is David Powell and have recently completed the online holiday rep course. I found the course overall to be excellent! It was obvious that a lot of time and effort has been put into its creation. The presentation of the material was clear, very easy to understand, very informative and enjoyable. It has certainly given me a more in depth understanding of the industry as well as a very accurate picture of what it is like to work in a resort. I also now know so much more about what will be expected of me in all regards of tour operator operations. This course certainly has given me a heads up thats for sure. Thank you to everyone who helped put this diploma together. Well done. And thank you for the extra bonus materials as well, its very much appreciated. Keep up the great work. David Powell

David Powell

Devon, Barnstaple